THIS. IS. TORTURE. How can I chase if I can't get to them? I'm sure that rabbit is laughing at me ?

It IS a dogs life, I have to go to Monte Carlo for 6 days. Do you feel sorry for me? The plane seats are too big for us canines :(

The "bosses" have offered to buy me a new house and take my old house (see top of page) off my paws. Pffffff! This is tiny and where's the door?
I'm hardly going to be able to entertain the "ladies" here...

I'm back! Had a great time in London and a VERY important meeting with Peter Jones.
He is VERY tall ...

OMG! I'm late for work and not sure where I am ... It was a good night last night. BIG tail wags to all :)

How exciting! Off to London for the night to meet Dragon Jones. Back tomorrow and will let you know what happens. Hope I've packed everything...
Is he really a dragon or just a human pretending to be? Hope he doesn't singe my fur!

I got paid on Friday – 20 bones, less one bone tax and one bone National Insurance.  

So off I went to a bank and the lady behind the counter thought I was crazy.  She said I needed to have a "known currency" or something and that bones weren't recognised.  

Well if the government accept them for tax why won't the bank ??  

Does any one know how much 18 bones is worth ?  I need to repair my house and the workmen I spoke to won't accept bones either :(

A sad Boxer

I'm in so much trouble.  My first day in the office and I was caught asleep at my desk.  Got this letter this morning :(


My first proper day at the office.  Doesn't my new office look posh ?  I feel VERY important.

Now what…. Tum te tum … I wonder what I'm supposed to be doing as a PR Manager….  What IS a PR Manager? I really can't let on to my new bosses that I don't know what my new job is. I can feel an anxiety attack coming on. I wonder if humans  are expected to know what they're doing when they start a new job. I know, I'll search on the internet. Mmmmm according to, as Pr manager I have to ensure a positive public image for the company.  What does THAT mean?? Maybe I just turn up to events and wag my rather short tail. I know, I'll check out the latest sossidge flavours (my favourite) whilst I try and work it out…

Oooooooh looks delish. Oh – its fat free, what sort of meat is THAT?!  Hmmmm I could dream of rabbit sausages ……zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Hello Everyone (Woof, woof woof woof, to my fellow canines).

I have just landed the most fantastic job, working as PR Manager for the Tiny Box Company Limited.  It really is very exciting and I thought I would have my own web page so I could share my epic adventures with you.

I only started work today and already I have had invitations to go and have a meeting with Peter Jones  (from Dragons Den - I must remember not to pee up his leg when I meet him) and I have also been invited to a Mythbusters voiceover.  Wonder what day 2 will bring....


Boxer the dog